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The “Horizonte” Story

In a single minute I discovered the work of biologist Emma Camp, and in a minute, “Horizon” was born. It was the shocking images, the scary numbers and the desire to change that that inspired me for this collection. According to scientific studies, more than a third of the Australian Barrier Reef is dead. The death of a coral, in addition to a process of loss of micro-organisms and habitats of various marine species, is a phenomenon of loss of color, because when a coral dies it turns white and loses its thousand and one shades. Emma's work over the last few years has been to collect new corals from less favorable areas in Australia, such as rivers, and plant them again next to the reef so that the coral species can grow back and fight the white spot that has been invading the seas of the Indian/Pacific ocean. This collection presents a fluidity of shapes and materials such as the lightness of the corals that move with the waves of the sea, the frills and layers represent the shapes that the corals create among themselves. The colors refer to their natural state and white to the death of corals. It is also a collection that addresses diving clothing and accessories that refer to Emma's work to harvest and plant new corals.


Fotografia: João Santos Styling: Joana Silva Models: Ana Custódio e Alexandre Marques MUA - Daniel Vaz

Special Thanks

Câmara Municipal de Santo Tirso ,Troficolor, Riopele, Milho, Vera Manzoni, LTDYE, Pallas, SeculoRival, Plumeti Atelier,

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