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About Us


The history of João Sousa Brand begins on October 18, 2018 with the debut of the first collection of the brand “Filhos do Lago” on the Bloom platform of Portugal Fashion.

With a 100% Portuguese signature and an artistic-cultural message that manifests itself in an urban language with handcrafted features through textured materials or customizations in the pieces, the brand returns to Bloom in 2019 to integrate the new Portuguese Fashion Week platform, Bloom Upload , where he presents 4 more collections until October 2020.

JSB presents itself as a slowfashion brand that thinks about limited and exclusive items through the choice of raw materials reused from national retailers and waste from the Portuguese textile industry. Global warming and the constant change in the environment led the brand to imagine a scenario without summer and winter collections, but to display a collection with pieces that we can use in any climate change that a country has.

The Designer

João Sousa was born on the 10th of June 2000 and began his journey in the fashion field in 2015 by studying Fashion Design at Escola de Moda do Porto. In 2018 he won the contest “Jovens Criadores PFN“ in the February edition of Modtissimo, which gave him the opportunity to debut on the Bloom platform of Portugal Fashion in October of the same year. Since that debut at Portuguese fashion week, he created his homonymous brand, João Sousa Brand, which lasted on Bloom until October 2020. national panorama for events, television programs, video clips, concerts, among others.

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