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The “Filhos do Lago” Story

"The Inle Lake in Burma," is much more than a tourist attraction, it is more than a freshwater lake, it is more than fauna, flora and wildlife. It is a lifestyle, a culture, an income that is increasingly threatened by floating garden farmers and the mud they create. It is here that the “Filhos do Lago” (Intha fishermen) work, whose fishing technique is to use the foot to control the oar so that, with available hands, they can hunt fish through large conical nets. David Bazar's 2011 photographic work recorded the art of the Intha, as well as the constant threat to which they are subject - the shrinkage of the lake due to floating agriculture and the creation of silt created by it and the industry around the lake.


Fotografia: Frederico Santos Styling: Joana Silva Models: Basilio (Karacter) e Adriana Mua:Samantha

Special Thanks

, Câmara Municipal de Santo Tirso


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