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The “Bellamira” Story

Sometimes it's difficult to tell people how much we love them, especially when that person is a family member. This collection is a tribute to my grandmother Belmira, hence the analogy Bella (for growing up with her and fantasizing about all the beautiful things of the imagination) and Mira (the name I call her). It's a collection that reflects all the problems in her life, breast cancer, consequently the loss of her left breast and the loss of her legs due to diabetes. The manipulations of the pieces and the asymmetries symbolize these obstacles that appear when least expected. The choice of materials was based on the fabrics that my grandmother chose to make the typical clothes to take to Sunday mass and to idealize the pieces for my mother. The sparkles and shapes represent her vanity and pomposity. This collection also presents a struggle between light and dark, with the motto “after the rain there is always the sun” which reveals that if we believe, all obstacles can be overcome and that life can smile and shine again!


Fotografia: Frederico Santos Styling: Joana Silva Models: Taina e Mateus MUA - Daniel Vez

Special Thanks

Troficolor, Central Models , Face Models Portugal, Pallas, Toino Abel, Vera Manzoni, Celsus Couture


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