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Carina Caldeira shine at Porto Canal's Glitter Show with João Sousa Brand suit

Glitter and glamor were in the spotlight at Porto Canal's Glitter Show, and who stole the show was the talented Portuguese presenter Carina Caldeira. With a style that combines elegance and boldness, Carina opted for a João Sousa Brand suit to brighten up the program.

The oversized suit chosen by Carina was a true work of contemporary fashion art. Composed of an imposing blazer and wide-leg pants, both displaying an exclusive João Sousa Brand pattern, the set not only reflected the presenter's vibrant personality, but also elevated Portuguese fashion to new levels of sophistication.

The blazer, with its oversized structure and carefully crafted details, gave Carina an aura of power and confidence as she led the Glitter Show sketch. João Sousa Brand's exclusive pattern, inspired by the work of Valerie Hadida, added a touch of exuberance to the presenter's look.

The wide leg pants, in addition to providing comfort and movement, complemented the blazer harmoniously, creating an elegant and contemporary silhouette. Choosing the João Sousa Brand suit not only highlighted Carina's commitment to national fashion, but also highlighted her ability to incorporate trends in a unique and authentic way.


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