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Rita Rocha presents “Pontos Finais” at Festival da Canção 2024 with an exclusive garment from João Sousa Brand

On the stage of the 2024 Song Festival, Rita Rocha not only enchanted, but also left an indelible mark with her breathtaking performance, worthy of a standing ovation.

Wearing an exclusive João Sousa Brand creation, Rita personified the elegance, sophistication and authenticity that characterize both her art and the essence of the brand. With a voice that echoed emotion and depth, Rita performed 'Pontos Finais' with an intensity that enveloped the audience in a storm of pure musical magic. Her undeniable talent combined with João Sousa Brand's aesthetic resulted in the construction of an oversized black blazer complemented by a long silk cape that danced to the rhythm of her performance.

For the brand, the partnership with Rita Rocha in this prestigious event is a source of great pride and seeing the young artist reach the final fills us with joy and admiration.

Being present in yet another chapter in the history of the Festival da Canção, especially during the celebration of its sixtieth anniversary, is an honor that fills us with gratitude and emotion. As we celebrate six decades of music and culture, we fondly remember that João Sousa Brand was alongside exceptional artists, contributing to the grandeur of this very special event. And now, together with Rita Rocha, this story of success and inspiration continues to be written, echoing in the hearts and minds of all those who love and value the art of music.

May Rita Rocha's journey at Festival da Canção 2024 be just the beginning of a journey full of achievements and achievements. May her voice continue to echo, her art to move and her partnership with João Sousa Brand to inspire new creative horizons. Together, we continue to celebrate the beauty of music, the power of artistic expression and affirm the art that is produced in Portugal.


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