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Mário de Carvalho: The Elegance of Street Style with the New JSB Collection at Portugal Fashion

In the vibrant scene of Portugal Fashion, where fashion and creativity meet, renowned stylist Mário de Carvalho left his mark with a distinct presence and a bold style when parading through the streets of Porto and the Tram Museum with the new and exciting collection by João Sousa Brand. The event was the perfect showcase for the brand to present its "Memória" collection, a tribute to its five-year journey since its debut at Bloom on October 18, 2018.

Street style has always been a field of expression for those looking to make a statement in the fashion world with personality and authenticity. Mário de Carvalho embodies this attitude in his unique approach to fashion, becoming an icon in the industry. By choosing João Sousa Brand's new "Memória" collection, he captured the essence of contemporary elegance and the fusion of styles that define modern street style.

The "Memória" collection is a celebration of the brand's past, present and future. Each piece is a testament to João Sousa Brand's journey, encapsulating significant moments and inspirations from previous collections. The artistic influence of the talented Valerie Hadida, reflected in the brand's new exclusive pattern, adds a touch of originality and sophistication, striking characteristics that Mário de Carvalho knew how to incorporate perfectly into his personal style.

By using João Sousa Brand pieces, Mário de Carvalho demonstrated that street style is a platform to express individuality and boldness, combining the innovation of contemporary fashion with the timelessness of classic shapes. The two-tone and monochromatic color palette of the "Memória" collection was a wise choice, giving a modern and versatile look to the stylist's look.

His presence at Portugal Fashion was more than a simple fashion presentation; it was a statement of style, an ode to creativity and the courage to experiment. Mário de Carvalho personified João Sousa Brand's proposal: celebrating fashion as a form of personal expression, rooted in history and ready to shape the future.


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