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Sharam Diniz debuts new João Sousa Brand collection at Portugal Fashion

In the latest edition of Portugal Fashion, one of the most prestigious events in the fashion world, the talented model and actress Sharam Diniz lit up the streets of Porto and the Tram Museum with pieces from the eagerly awaited new João Sousa Brand collection. Entitled "Memory", this collection is a true tribute to the brand's journey and evolution, marking a special moment for João Sousa Brand on its fifth anniversary since its debut at Bloom on October 18, 2018.

The "Memória" collection is a journey through time, a retrospective of JSB's previous collections. Each piece is an artistic expression that reflects the moments, challenges and achievements that shaped the brand over these five years. Going through difficult and uncertain times, João Sousa Brand remains faithful to its essence of dreamers, translating its experiences into unique and exciting creations.

Inspired by the work of talented French artist Valerie Hadida, the "Memory" collection incorporates a new pattern exclusive to the brand, offering fluid and classic shapes. The color palette, predominantly two-tone or monochromatic, provides a feeling of elegance and timelessness, reflecting the essence of a contemporary audience.

Sharam Diniz, known for her captivating presence and grace on the catwalks and on television, was the perfect choice to bring this unique collection to life. Her beauty and confidence highlighted the sophistication and originality of the pieces, providing a dazzling spectacle for the spectators present at Portugal Fashion.

This landmark debut reaffirms João Sousa Brand's position as an influential force in contemporary fashion, a brand that celebrates not only fashion, but also trajectory, perseverance and art.

The new collection will be available on the 18th on the brand's website, and also on all social networks! Stay tuned for all the news!


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