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Influencer João Jonas wears João Sousa Brand on the last night of ModaLisboa

At the closing of ModaLisboa, the Portuguese fashion week, all eyes were on João Jonas, the digital influencer who not only follows trends, but defines them with his own style and elegance. With a bold choice, the influencer chose his trusted brand, João Sousa Brand, to adorn his presence on the last night of the event.

The outfit chosen by João Jonas was a fashion statement in itself. A fluid kimono, combined with wide leg pants, which featured an exclusive pattern from João Sousa Brand's latest "Memória" collection. The look not only exuded sophistication, but also told a story through its print and carefully crafted cuts.

The kimono, with its fluid silhouette and meticulous details, captured everyone's attention as João walked through the corridors of ModaLisboa. João Sousa Brand's exclusive print, part of the "Memória" collection, added a touch of nostalgia and modernity simultaneously, reflecting the essence of the event and the contemporary spirit of the influencer.

The wide leg pants, in addition to impeccably complementing the kimono, also highlighted João Jonas's boldness in experimenting with different cuts and styles. The kimono and trousers combination not only elevated her look to new heights of elegance, but also demonstrated her ability to blend tradition with innovation.

By choosing João Sousa Brand for his appearance at ModaLisboa, João Jonas not only demonstrated his support for national fashion, but also highlighted the importance of valuing local brands that offer quality and originality. Her choice not only reflected her own distinct sense of style, but also inspired others to explore the world of Portuguese fashion with confidence and creativity.


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