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An Unforgettable Summer: Calema rocks in Vila do Conde with the New "Fuga" Collection by João Sousa

Summer is the season for memorable moments, and nothing captures the essence of that season like an outdoor concert, surrounded by thousands of people united by music and contagious energy. In Vila do Conde, one of these magical moments took place last Saturday, August 19th, with the impressive performance of the duo Calema, who made history not only with their music, but also for wearing the most recent João Sousa Brand collection, entitled "Fuga ".

With a dazzling backdrop of Vila do Conde as a backdrop and the captivating notes of Calema's music in the air, the summer concert became a unique and unforgettable experience for all those present. The vibrant energy of the crowd combined with the harmony of Calema's songs created an atmosphere of celebration and joy. But, in addition to the music, another element caught everyone's attention: the outfit chosen by the talented São Tomé e Principe duo.

João Sousa Brand, known for its unique and sophisticated creations, launched the "Fuga" collection especially for the summer season. Two of the collection's most notable looks were confidently worn by Calema during their performance in Vila do Conde. One of the highlights was the yellow suit worn by Fradique, which radiated the vivacity and positivity associated with summer. The bright yellow captured the spotlight and added a bold touch to the stage, reflecting the duo's fearless spirit. Another stunning choice from the "Fuga" collection was António's textured white suit, which brought a touch of elegance and sophistication to the relaxed concert setting. The carefully crafted texture added dimension to the suit, catching the curious gazes of the crowd and emphasizing the attention to detail that the João Sousa Brand is known for.

We shared some photos from the Saturday concert captured by the Municipality of Vila do Conde on social media.

The partnership between Calema and João Sousa Brand is not new, and this most recent collaboration has only solidified the connection between music and fashion. Calema are not only talented musicians, but also style icons that influence admirers across the country. By choosing João Sousa Brand to be part of their remarkable moments, the Calema family add a chapter to the brand's history, reinforcing the idea that fashion is not just clothing, but a form of artistic expression.

The summer concert in Vila do Conde with Calema and the "Fuga" collection by João Sousa Brand will certainly remain in the memory of all those present. It was a perfect fusion of engaging music and innovative fashion, capturing the essence of summer and celebrating life in spectacular fashion..


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