Sometimes it is difficult to tell someone how much we like them, much more difficult if the person is a relative. This collection is a tribute to my grandmother Belmira, the name "Bellamira" analogy is Bella (because I was raised with her and we always play fantasy and all those imaginary things) and Mira (the name I call her). It is a collection that represents all your struggles in life, breast cancer and the loss of your left breast, and the loss of both legs due to diabetes. Fabric manipulation and asymmetries symbolize those obstacles that arise when no one is waiting. The choice of fabrics was based on the choices my grandmother chose for the Sunday church time and to make my mother's garments. The brightness and design were inspired by its pomposity and vanity. This collection presents a struggle between light and dark, with the motto "after the rain there is always sun" that reveals that if we believe that all struggles can be won and that life can smile and shine again.

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