The difference is something that society tends not to accept! Whether it's a person's sexual choice, someone's professional choice, birthmarks or a disease. This world forces people to live in the shade, to take refuge in an ideal of perfection in which they know they will not be accepted! In search of an idea that is manipulated by photo editing programs, in a typology that is created on social networks. The refuge turns on the lights and illuminates the shadow! The refugee celebrates diversity, unity! A world in which a birth flower is a mark on each person's body, where freckles are considered royalty, where diseases such as vitiligo become unprecedented, where the blisters and stretch marks that appear as an individual grow up become heterogeneous .

This collection travels through the lens of the American photographer Peter Devito who registered the beauty of the difference, who captured the birthmarks and presented the testimonies of

several unique people who suffered for being different, who felt in the shade for being beautiful!

"My skin marks do not define me, they do not make me ugly, they do not make me weak, on the contrary, I am stronger, confident and beautiful".

In this photographic film, words like a ghost hit albinism, questions like "Why are you like this?" define a person with freckles, "Does it hurt?"; "What's wrong with your skin?"; "No one is going to marry you with that skin"! "refers to the brands of vitiligo," Why are you black? "" You can't be black ";" You can't speak English "are some of the comments to blacks, Chinese and people from different cultures.

This collection presents an ideal of perfection through the unique color of the coordinates, white. Throughout this history, colors, finishing touches and volumes that represent our uniqueness, our brands, our differences are introduced.

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